Wasted hours lead to wasted potential: Uncovering the cost of corporate learning inefficiencies

Businesses must keep their workforce not only skilled but effectively informed to thrive in today’s knowledge economy. However, over half (52%) of US workers admit to experiencing elevated frustration levels because they cannot access relevant information for their jobs.   Organizations are struggling with data that is mismanaged or stored in inaccessible places, meaning said […]

Accreditations may be standardised but learning is not

Corporate training is critical in empowering professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their careers. Its value continues to skyrocket, as shown in a report released earlier this year which forecasts the total market value at $587 billion by 2030 – nearly a $300 billion increase from the market value in 2022. […]

Harnessing a culture of learning by championing internal talent

One week on from the CLO Exchange in Florida, the OBRIZUM team are reflecting on the key moments from their time in the Sunshine State.   Without a doubt, the most standout moments for OBRIZUM were the conversations held with representatives from some of the largest brands across the world, including American Express, The Coca […]

The AI Safety Summit: Navigating the future of technology ethics

Last week marked a critical milestone in AI development.   The UK has emerged as a catalyst for change and innovation as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak led the first-ever AI Safety Summit at Bletchley Park, sparking critical debates on AI ethics and safety.   This groundbreaking event brought together international governments, leading AI companies, and […]

The CLO Exchange: It’s time to unlock human potential through adaptive learning

Attention readers! The OBRIZUM team are jetting off to Miami, Florida later this week to attend the CLO (Chief Learning Officer) Exchange – a dynamic event with market-leading learning and development (L&D) specialists from around the world. Run by the Corporate Learning Network, the CLO Exchange features vendors who have been hand-picked to engage in […]

How you can make sure it’s YOUR certification that features on CVs

Imagine the overflowing email inbox of a typical hiring manager, each CV filled with a myriad of skills, experiences and qualifications. Amid this digital sea of resumes, certain certifications consistently rise above the tide. These aren’t just lines on a page but symbols to show that candidates possess the necessary professional skills and competencies needed […]

Inaccessible knowledge is costing the world billions – it’s time for a learning revolution

Inaccessible knowledge is costing the world billions – it’s time for a learning revolution In today’s rapidly changing world, companies across all industries recognise the importance of keeping their workforce up-to-date, relevant, and productive to meet modern demands and stay competitive. The corporate training market is projected to grow to $475 billion by 2027, highlighting […]

Innovation drives efficiency… But is time saved being used effectively?

Earlier this year, Sarah O’Connor at the FT proposed a modern phenomenon called the suitcase principle of white collar work – the theory that just as we fill up our suitcases regardless of the length of our trip, work seems to expand to fill the time available, even when tasks are made more efficient with […]

The global call for AI ethics – are people listening?

If you were to ask anyone what the most heavily debated topic is today, you can almost guarantee that artificial intelligence in the tech sector will take the number one spot. But these conversations started long before now. Three years ago, the Rome call for AI Ethics brought together global organisations from across sectors to […]

Are your e-learning course dropout rates costing your business?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are having their resolve and ability to adapt sternly tested. Faced with an economic backdrop of squeezed margins, supply chain crunches and a war for talent, enterprises need to find new ways to operate more efficiently and provide greater value to customers and employees in order to stand out […]