The True Adaptive Learning Platform.
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AI powered, true adaptive learning available through your own private
and secure custom Portal.

  • Engage through

    Every learning journey is tailored to each individual, targeting their weaknesses and expanding on their strengths.

    Engage learners through hyper personalized delivery of content to rapidly develop understanding, increase completion rates and deliver greater organizational impact.

  • Quicker to

    Maximize the value of each session by ensuring that learners see the right content at the right time. Accelerate speed to competency by more than 2x with our true adaptive learning without cutting corners on quality.

  • Obrizum level

    Multi-patented metacognitive assessment technology brings humility and self-awareness to the learning experience through competence and confidence measured assessments.

    Only Obrizum can identify true knowledge, understanding and self-awareness and differentiate this from conscious or unconscious guessing behaviors.

  • Insights that

    Collect high-quality data to gain unprecedented insights into your team's capabilities. From strategic workforce planning to identifying critical skills gaps and fostering career progression, Obrizum equips you with the essential analytics you need.

    Harness these valuable insights to make swift, informed decisions that align with your business goals, driving revenue growth, boosting productivity, enhancing operational efficiencies, and reducing risks. With Obrizum, turn data into actionable strategies for meaningful and sustainable business success.

The proof is in
the performance

Our platform provides the kind of detailed analytics that help organizations drive sustainable improvements. This gives you greater confidence in your workforce and ensures that we’re always delivering for our partners.


reduction in course
curation time


to competence


increase in
completion rates


Challenging Learning

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