The CLO Exchange: It’s time to unlock human potential through adaptive learning

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Attention readers! The OBRIZUM team are jetting off to Miami, Florida later this week to attend the CLO (Chief Learning Officer) Exchange – a dynamic event with market-leading learning and development (L&D) specialists from around the world.

Run by the Corporate Learning Network, the CLO Exchange features vendors who have been hand-picked to engage in discussions on a number of key issues impacting learning leaders. OBRIZUM is thrilled to be sponsoring this platform for industry collaboration.

The Exchange takes place November 5th-7th, and has two primary agenda points:

  • Developing a robust learning strategy for 2024 and beyond
  • Producing an L&D strategy that aligns with the organization’s goals and initiatives

Filled to the brim with invaluable networking opportunities like roundtables, peer-to-peer benchmarking, and business consultations – and the chance to watch leading experts battle it out in the L&D Fight Club – the Exchange promises to deliver exceptional value and insights for all involved in the industry.

Making learning adaptive

The agenda this year is ‘unlocking human potential’, a critical concept that aligns with OBRIZUM’s mission to revolutionize the corporate learning landscape. Learning is personal, and each individual requires a unique approach. Only when this is acknowledged and actioned upon will organizations truly succeed in unlocking each learner’s full potential.

At the Exchange, the OBRIZUM team will be expanding on this notion and discussing the following topics:

  • An introduction to adaptive learning
  • How to align learning strategies to wider business objectives
  • The importance of personalization within learning programmes
  • How adaptive learning technology can provide richer content and learner analytics

If you’re attending the CLO Exchange and are interested in learning more about how OBRIZUM can help you, come and speak to the team.

OBRIZUM is the AI learning technology & data analytics company for enterprise businesses.

We leverage automation, adaptability and analytics to deliver adaptive learning experiences at scale.

Find out how OBRIZUM can help unlock the potential of your business by speaking to our team.

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