Being confident is just as important as being correct when learning

Professional learner proficiency has typically been measured on accuracy within a digital learning programme.   Aside from delivering the bare minimum level of insight, current approaches that solely rely on this single metric, fail to consider a key part of corporate learning, confidence.   Just because a learner answers a question correctly does not mean […]

How do I know if my certification courses need adaptive learning?

As the world of work continues to evolve at breakneck speed, organisations and their training providers face a growing challenge when it comes to keeping their employees up to date with the latest skills and certifications. From regulatory changes to technological enhancements, there are many reasons why some skills become obsolete and the need for […]

World of Learning 2024: The ‘one stop shop’ for L&D professionals

OBRIZUM is kicking off 2024 with a bang! Riding on the momentum from last year, the team is excited to be attending the London World of Learning Summit on January 30-31.   What is the World of Learning Summit?   A two-day summit that showcases the market-leading solutions in the L&D space.   The event […]

Why learning technology expenditure shouldn’t be seen as a cost

All too often, budgets get in the way of progress. Organisations catch sight of the word innovation, only to assume it comes with a hefty investment package.   This dynamic plagues the professional accreditations market – mature companies with well-established processes are naturally reluctant to rip out their existing system for something new and potentially […]

A year in review: A selection of OBRIZUM’s highlights from 2023

As we turn the page on 2023, we’ve taken a look back at the transformative year we’ve had here at OBRIZUM. Our journey has taken significant strides in the last 12 months, marking important achievements for us in redefining the landscape of corporate learning and development.   From insightful research to impactful features within leading […]

Bridging the training perception gap between employers and their employees

Our landmark research into corporate knowledge sharing has shone a light on the major issues and costs associated with employees lacking simple access to critical information.   With the ability to access and utilise key information at speed, employees are empowered to work productively and efficiently in their roles, with employers enjoying maximum output and […]

Time is Money: Why accountancy certification training needs a revolution

In the accounting world, being chartered is not just a title; it’s a significant professional milestone, one that is often the difference between being able to practise or not.   For businesses seeking qualified accountants and individuals undertaking certifications, the process requires a major investment of time and money. Training programmes can often span months, […]

Wasted hours lead to wasted potential: Uncovering the cost of corporate learning inefficiencies

Businesses must keep their workforce not only skilled but effectively informed to thrive in today’s knowledge economy. However, over half (52%) of US workers admit to experiencing elevated frustration levels because they cannot access relevant information for their jobs.   Organizations are struggling with data that is mismanaged or stored in inaccessible places, meaning said […]