Are your e-learning course dropout rates costing your business?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are having their resolve and ability to adapt sternly tested. Faced with an economic backdrop of squeezed margins, supply chain crunches and a war for talent, enterprises need to find new ways to operate more efficiently and provide greater value to customers and employees in order to stand out […]

3 reasons why your training programs aren’t working

One of the greatest challenges facing training providers for professional certifications is ensuring all learners progress through programs from start to finish. This requires course content to be relevant, engaging and constantly refined to suit the needs of individual learners and the working environments they are training for – tick these boxes, and your programs […]

Are your training programmes hampering the workforce’s progress?

The workforce is constantly evolving. New skills emerge, old ones become obsolete, and certifications that are critical for professional development expire. Keeping the workforce progressing amidst this change is a monumental task. Yet, many training providers still cling to the traditional one-size-fits all programmes that treat learners as a homogenous unit rather than individuals with […]

Why workforce upskilling must keep pace with rapidly evolving tech

This year’s Future of Jobs report from The World Economic Forum (WEF) revealed the latest trends currently shaping the market and triggered heated discussions among industry peers. One of the biggest talking points is how critical technology has become in the job market, which according to the report, is one of the core drivers behind […]

Improve sales performance and revenue through adaptive learning

Sales jobs often culminate in a perfect storm of long hours, demanding managers and competitive colleagues. With teams under pressure to hit sales and revenue targets, frantic cultures can emerge in which a quantity over quality approach is often taken with prospects. Naturally, this level of intense pressure takes its toll on employee well-being. In […]

It’s time to revolutionise corporate learning to keep our workforce empowered

Corporate Learning

Following our attendance at the CIPD Festival of Work Exhibition at London Olympia last week, we discuss how learning technology is reshaping the workforce of the future. The CIPD Festival of Work showcased the world of HR, L&D, internal communications and more, and this year it celebrag the innovation and evolutions taking place across the […]

Content overload: Navigating the whirlwind of rapidly changing information

Content Overload

Professionals in the corporate world are constantly bombarded with a seemingly endless stream of information. From industry news to market trends, research studies and social media updates, it’s easy to see how the average individual can quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content they face each day. Adding to that, the pace at […]

Eliminating unnecessary workplace anxiety triggered by disrupted productivity

During this year’s mental health awareness week, the Mental Health Foundation is drawing attention to the hundreds of thousands of people who suffer with anxiety in their personal and professional lives. According to a recent survey, over 90% of individuals have suffered from a mental health challenge that has directly impacted their work.  In fact, […]

Reduce employee ‘job shock’ by making onboarding adaptive

Starting a new job can be a daunting prospect. New recruits face a whirlwind of strong emotions, leaving many feeling excited and overwhelmed at the same time. Having made it through the often lengthy and taxing interview process, next comes the onboarding stage. Now, there are a few things that all incoming workers expect from […]