World of Learning 2024: Key trends and challenges expected to impact learning leaders this year!

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There’s a definite buzz within the learning and development sector. Soon, L&D professionals from across the nation will make their way into London for what promises to be an insightful and collaborative event.


A big focus for the summit is looking ahead to what 2024 has in store for the L&D community, and how the developments over the past 12 months will shape what’s to come.


World of Learning has published an analysis of the key trends and challenges that have surfaced over 2023. Here are the key findings:


  • Business alignment has been a top priority for L&D (and business leaders) but there is still a long way to go.
  • AI has been big in 2023, it will be even bigger in 2024.
  • In skills and learning, there has been less focus on knowledge acquisition and awareness building, and more on behaviour change, doing things differently, learning transfer, practising, doing, reflecting, failing and trying again.
  • L&D has been key for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, to ensure that everyone has access to meaningful work and skills development.
  • The effort is dedicated to retaining workers, keeping them engaged and developing them.
  • Understanding what employees and organisations need to do to make hybrid working successful.



What can you expect from the summit?


In short, attendees will have the opportunity to network with L&D industry leaders, gaining first-hand insight from the plentiful seminars and talks that will shed light on hot topics currently shaping the sector.


The conference provides a stage for interactive presentations, thought-provoking panel sessions, and lively debates.


The exhibition provides a window into new ways of working through free seminars, sessions, and interactive zones, including the Mental Wellbeing zone, the Business & Networking Lounge, Learning Design Live, and the Life Skills Lounge.


The OBRIZUM team will be there spreading the word and celebrating our mission to be the world leader in the measurement and optimisation of human knowledge transfer in digital environments.


Our Chief Data Scientist, Dr Chris Pedder will be on stage discussing Education in the age of Large Language Models (LLMs). You can catch him on stage:


Seminar Theatre 2
Tuesday 30 January (Day 1)
Session time: 15:30 – 16:00


Throughout the two days, we’ll be speaking with L&D leaders about all things adaptive learning and how it unlocks human potential. Get in contact with the team to book a meeting slot, or visit us on stand H110.

OBRIZUM is the AI learning technology & data analytics company for enterprise businesses.

We leverage automation, adaptability and analytics to deliver adaptive learning experiences at scale.

Find out how OBRIZUM can help unlock the potential of your business by speaking to our team.

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