OBRIZUM at World of Learning 2024: Education in the age of Large Language Models (LLMs)

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As we approach the World of Learning Summit 2024, the anticipation across the OBRIZUM team is growing. With just one week to go, we’re gearing up to join ground-breaking discussions at one of the biggest L&D events of the year.


Our very own Chief Data Scientist, Chris Pedder, is set to deliver an insightful talk on the impact and future of large language models (LLMs) in corporate education. He looks back over the decades and centuries to see how we arrived at our current reality, and then ahead to how AI will continue to shape our future.


Make sure you’re in Seminar Theatre 2 at 3:30 pm on the 30th of January!


Here’s a teaser of what you can expect from Chris’ seminar:

  1. The accelerating impact of LLMs

    Join Chris on an exploration of the LLM’s role in education, understanding how they streamline processes like rephrasing content, humanising search processes, and extracting core concepts.

  2. The limitations of LLMs

    While LLMs offer remarkable advancements, Chris will address the need for caution in areas such as content generation and model evaluation. There is a vast difference between how humans and machines learn information, which just may be the reason why LLMs haven’t yet completely taken over our education system.

    Chris will delve into the importance of truthfulness and explainability, highlighting that LLMs aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

  3. Learning as a personal journey

    The seminar will emphasise the human aspect of learning, drawing on insights from Anil Seth’s hallucination theory of reality. Chris will discuss the unique, almost human-like experience of learning through dialogue with LLMs and how these models can assist in the journey from ignorance to awareness and significantly shift an average student’s performance by simply offering them 1-1 personalised tutoring.

  4. The alignment problem

    Addressing the misuse of LLMs, Chris will challenge the current understanding of learning and evaluation. He’ll propose a shift towards a more holistic understanding, where learning is viewed as the compositionality of facts, and where technology aids in filling knowledge gaps and predictability.

  5. Critical thinking and AI

    In a world increasingly shaped by AI, teaching critical thinking becomes evermore important. LLMs are only as good as the data you feed it, so asking open-ended questions always comes with a layer of uncertainty. Join Chris as he dives into the risk of cognitive underload and the importance of teaching discernment in an age where AI can significantly influence perception and understanding.

Connect with Chris on LinkedIn ahead of the event.

Visit us at stand H110 for an opportunity to engage with our team and delve deeper into the evolving world of corporate learning and development.

See you there next week!

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