Are your training programmes hampering the workforce’s progress?

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The workforce is constantly evolving. New skills emerge, old ones become obsolete, and certifications that are critical for professional development expire.

Keeping the workforce progressing amidst this change is a monumental task. Yet, many training providers still cling to the traditional one-size-fits all programmes that treat learners as a homogenous unit rather than individuals with unique learning needs.

This outdated approach is hampering the workforce’s progress.

Traditional methods are failing learners

The one size fits all approach to training fails to meet learners’ unique needs. Such generic methods tend to waste valuable time by rehashing skills that individuals may already possess, while failing to provide the specialised training required for them to excel in their roles and industries.

The redundancy of information can lead to disengagement among learners as they find themselves going through repetitive material. The result? Decreased productivity and morale, as well as an inability to keep their skills updated.

Clearly, a shift is required from generic training programmes. Training providers should instead embrace a more tailored approach that recognises and caters to each employee. This includes acknowledging their individual learning styles, pacing, and professional aspirations, leading to more effective and engaging training experiences.

Adaptive learning accelerates progress

Forward thinking learning providers are now shifting gears, replacing the outdated approach with advanced, AI-powered adaptive learning platforms. These innovative models herald a revolution in training methodology, focusing on individual learning needs and growth in order to address industry-specific challenges.

These adaptive learning platforms mimic a real teacher – presenting information, assessing comprehension and continuously adjusting the material based on the learner’s strengths, weaknesses and learning style to reflect the dynamism and personalisation inherent to a one-on-one teaching environment. This approach paves the way for an effective learning experience that not only respects time, but also fuels personal and professional development by making the learning process a highly engaging and rewarding journey.

A workforce educated via adaptive learning is better equipped to meet the varying demands of their roles and the larger industry. They become more engaged, prepared, and adaptable. This in turn contributes to a significant uplift in productivity and morale, resulting in a continuously updated and competitive skillset.

Gain a competitive edge

Training providers who continue to cling to legacy methods will fall out of touch with the needs of the workforce.

By embracing adaptive learning platforms like OBRIZUM, training providers can break away from the status quo and truly set their product offerings apart. Adaptive learning leverages data and algorithms to tailor each individual’s needs and preferences in real-time to boost overall learning outcomes.

Additionally, it equips providers with powerful analytics to showcase training effectiveness to key stakeholders, allowing them to highlight the uplift in performance and continually refine programmes based on learner-insight.

In today’s highly competitive market, standing still means falling behind. Training providers must demonstrate a commitment to innovation and learner-centric experiences to stay ahead of the curve. By making the switch to adaptive learning, they can achieve a sustainable competitive edge that attracts organisations and learners to cement a reputation as a cutting-edge provider.

Break free from outdated training with OBRIZUM

Embracing adaptive learning isn’t just a futuristic ideal, it’s an essential strategy for today’s dynamic corporate landscape. As a learning provider, if you’re ready to revolutionise your approach and enhance your offering’s value, OBRIZUM, with its AI-powered adaptive learning platform, is your ideal partner.

Designed to empower learners and redefine corporate training, we aim to help you unleash your customers’ full potential. It’s time we move away from the static, one size fits all model and embrace a dynamic, personalised approach offered by adaptive learning.

Together, we can shape the future of corporate learning, driving workforce progress at unprecedented speeds.

Are you ready to transform your training approach? 

OBRIZUM is the AI learning technology & data analytics company for enterprise businesses.

We leverage automation, adaptability and analytics to deliver adaptive learning experiences at scale.

Find out how OBRIZUM can help unlock the potential of your business by speaking to our team.

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