A study of corporate learning inefficiencies within the UK and US.

Companies recognize the importance of keeping their workforce updated and productive in the face of ongoing changes, including technological advancements and economic volatility. Corporate training has become a crucial part of HR strategies for both large public and private sector organizations, with the corporate training market expected to reach $475 billion by 2027.

However, the effectiveness of these efforts can be hindered by poor access to information and outdated resources, leading to inefficiencies.

These inefficiencies result in financial losses for businesses, as human capital costs are a significant expense, potentially costing companies hundreds of millions of dollars annually when their workforce is not adequately trained.

Our latest whitepaper is a comprehensive study of the corporate learning inefficiencies of organisations in both the UK and USA.

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“We chose OBRIZUM because of its unique offering of an adaptive learning journey. The platform’s ability to capture huge quantities of data provides us with invaluable insight into our course and how people are answering our questions. With it, we can refine the course accordingly based on feedback in real-time." 

Sophia Collas,
Senior Education Manager,
Sesame Workshop

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