Get your learners exam ready faster with the most advanced AI powered adaptive training platform

Unlocking potential and paving the path to career advancement

We believe in unlocking the potential of professionals. Through tailored AI-powered training, we are dedicated to helping individuals build the skills they need to propel their careers forward and achieve their goals.

OBRIZUM empowers professional certification bodies with unique technology to transform their digital training into highly efficient adaptive experiences.

These hyper-personalised learning journeys are proven to:

  • Accelerate completion time up to 1.45x faster.
  • Predict candidate’s exam readiness with up to 98% accuracy.
  • Boost membership numbers by delivering hyper-personalised learning experiences that keep candidates returning.
  • Improve learner self-awareness with real-time knowledge and confidence metrics
  • Grow revenues by leveraging deep predictive analytics and insights for all stakeholders.

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Maximising human potential for extraordinary results

OBRIZUM is unlocking human potential through adaptive learning. We empower organisational growth using deep learner and content analytics for data-driven performance optimisation.

Content optimisation

Obrizum is your partner in unlocking the power of your training content. We help you organise existing learning materials for an adaptive experience.

AI driven automation

Improve learner engagement with hyper-personalised adaptive learning experiences using our proprietary AI driven knowledge transfer platform.

Deep learner analytics

Evaluate learner behaviour, needs, and metrics to predict and address workforce gaps and risks. This data-driven approach increases efficiency, productivity, and learner satisfaction.

Authenticated ROI

Now you can finally measure learner performance and understand how it impacts the wider performance of your business

Supporting top organisations

Trusted by leading organisations for our commitment to delivering best-in-class measurement and optimisation of human knowledge transfer in digital environments.

What our customers say

Our AI-driven adaptive education is game-changing and will revolutionize the way (ISC)² certification candidates learn. No longer are candidates required to conform to a traditional, one-size-fits-all training program. Preparing for CISSP is now much more efficient and effective as individuals can identify weaker areas to focus on to help them better prepare for the exam.

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